Skyborne Technologies Unveils the Cerberus Modular Integration


Skyborne Technologies

BRISBANE, Australia, May 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Skyborne Technologies is proud to unveil Cerberus Modular Integration (MI), a multi-mission, man-packable, Group 2 sUAS equipped with modular kinetic and non-kinetic payloads.

The Cerberus MI builds upon years of research, development and aerial fire testing, and is one of the first Group 2 lethal sUAS on the market. The system is capable of delivering organic strike capabilities at the tactical level with a re-usable and re-loadable kinetic payloads. The requirements for the Cerberus MI have been driven by Skyborne’s contracting customers, the Australian Defence Force, UK Ministry of Defence and US Department of Defence.

The latest Cerberus includes the following key enhancements:

Modular kinetic and non-kinetic payloads - offering multi-mission sUAS capability.

Current payloads:

Future payloads:

  • Nammo M72 LAW
  • FN P90
  • Electronic Warfare (Attack)
  • Short Wave IR (SWIR) sensor
  • Gimbal EO/IR sensors
  • Dropping Mechanism (lethal or non-lethal payloads)

Upgrades to MILSPEC electronics and connectors - for reliability and survivability in battlefield environments.

Artificial intelligence (AI) Aided Target Recognition (AiTR) - operating onboard to minimise sensor to effector time, delivering better targeting outcomes.

AI enabled semi-autonomous targeting assistance - single touch targeting reducing operator training and improving lawful targeting.

“Cerberus MI is a step change in capability. The old Cerberus GLH lacked the endurance, survivability and accuracy required for a real operation. CMI flies twice as fast for twice as long, fully armed. The IP rating means we can fly in rain. The IR sensor means we can fire at night. The MIL-810 connectors mean we can put hundreds of rounds through the system without a maintenance event. With the Athena AI powered slew to cue system, we can hit targets with unprecendented accuracy for a non-gimballed weapon system. The new CBRNE and EW interchangeable payloads by our partner companies mean that operational flexibility is second to none. There is no other Group 2 UAS that can do what the CMI does,” says Michael Creagh, CEO and co-founder, Skyborne Technologies

The Cerberus MI sUAS and payloads will be ready for customer deliveries end of 2024.

Adrian Dudok, CBO and co-founder, Skyborne Technologies, says, “Our customers asked for a multi-mission modular payload lethal small UAS capable of delivering organic low cost strike capability with the ability to perform non-kinetic sensors and effectors operations. We’re proud to release the Cerberus MI to deliver a unique capability to our customers and the warfighter. The system delivers a low-cost per shot ($100 per round) solution to military using standard ammunition already in their inventory. Dropping grenades from sUAS is limited in accuracy or passing safety review boards. Loitering munitions (or one-way UAS) are high cost per shot ($40,000 per shot), require special fuzing and a second asset to perform post engagement BDA. The capability was demonstrated at the recent US Army AEWE 2024 live fire demonstration event at Fort Moore in February 2024. The new Cerberus MI will be landing in the hands of customers from Q4 this year.”

Skyborne Technologies Pty Ltd, is an Australian defence technology company developing smart aerial robotics, with its flagship tri-tilt rotor lethal sUAS, Cerberus UAS.

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